Weltrade $50 Welcome Bonus In Vietnam

Weltrade Welcome Bonus

WELTRADE offers a new perspective on trading and investment techniques with advanced features for everyone. WelTrade offers $50 Welcome Bonus In Vietnamese. The additional bonus prevents you from getting a margin call when your initial deposit is not enough to cover costs in the event that you experience significant losses on open positions.

Link – Get $50 Welcome Bonus

Weltrade Welcome Bonus Conditions

  • Get $50 Welcome Bonus with promo code BONUS50
  • After you make your first transaction, the reward will be converted into real money.
  • The more trades you make, the faster you will increase your account earnings.
  • You can increase your profit by 25 to 50% on each trade, depending on the leverage.

How to Get Welcome Bonus

  • Log in to your personal account
  • Click the Send Money button
  • Deposit $50 or more and enter BONUS50 in the Promo Code field
  • Transactions and withdrawals do not include $50
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