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Trademax Global Trading Competition

Trademax Global Trading Competition

Trademax Global Trading Competition. To participate in this global trading contest you need to open live trading account with minimum $1000 deposit. When the competition is finished, TradeMax shall announce list of winners within 10 working days and grant awards to winner’s trading account within 30 working days. The awards can be withdrawn.

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Trademax Global Trading Competition Terms & Conditions

  • Trademax Global Trading Competition From May 1st 2020 00:00 – July 31st 2020 23:59 (TradeMax MT4 time), Ares Group or Master Group is subject to your MT4 deposit amount when you submitting the competition form.
  • During the Trademax Global Trading Competition period, when the participate in Master Group reaches to the standard of Ares Group with deposit or profit, there is no change in group type of competition; if participate requires a change, then it will be solved as restarting. Your former rate of return is invalid, and the required trading volume will be re-calculated.
  • Participates must allow their relevant trading information to be publicized on the platform and subject to review.
  • During the period of competition, withdrawals, deposits and internal transfers are allowed, but in the rate of return formula, equity is according to sum amount of accumulated deposit and internal transfer IN. For example, during the period of competition, the sum of accumulated deposit and internal transfer is 10,000 USD; before the end of competition, client withdraws 3,000 USD and the equity remains 7,000 USD. When counting the rate of return, the equity is 10,000 USD other than 7,000 USD.
  • If participate takes the initiative to quit, please send an email to TradeMax ([email protected]) with your trading account details. Your participant will be withdraw.
  • One participant or one trading team can have no more than three trading accounts (rate of return will be calculated separately) during the period of competition to test different trading strategies. But it does not mean that participants are allowed to use multiple accounts to conduct abusing behaviors to make profits. TradeMax will monitor all participants’ accounts and trading behaviors, once abusing behaviors are identified by our risk team, TradeMax reserves the right to cancel participant’s achievement.
  • Participants must hold at least 10 trading sessions.
  • TradeMax will announce list of top Trademax Global Trading Competition participants within 10 working days (after July 31st) and grant award to winner’s participating trading account within 30 working days (after July 31st). The awards can be withdrawn or used as margin for future trades.
  • In order to maintain a fair-trading environment for all participants, if cheatings were identified or trading behaviour hampers the fairness and justice of the trading competition, the participant would be disqualified from the competition. TradeMax reserves the final interpretation right of this competition.
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