Tickcopy PAMM Deposit Bonus

Tickcopy PAMM Deposit Bonus

Tickcopy PAMM Deposit Bonus

Tickcopy PAMM Deposit Bonus for both Master and Investor accounts, all have to deposit up to $500, and we will give you and your introducing partners an extra 10% bonus equity to trade with. Join Tickcopy PAMM Campaign, no matter Master and Investor Account, that 10% bonus is entitled as Trading Equality into real cash that you can withdraw at any time

Link – $5M PAMM Deposit Bonus

How To Get PAMM Deposit Bonus

  • Open and Fund your Account and deposit
  • Transfer money into PAMM Master or Investor Account
  • Go to Registration Page and fill in the Opt Inform
  • The Real cash will give you automatically in 3 days

The new funds must be parked in the PAMM investor account for 1 year. The cash bonus given during the appointment period will be deducted probational according to the number of months being withdrawn earlier.

Tickcopy PAMM Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • The Promotion concerns only apply to the Free Margin in any PAMM account opened by the Client.
  • The Promotion does not apply to archived trading accounts as per Account.
  • Client’s joined Investor accounts shall be more than 500 USD.
  • Terms and Conditions
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