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fbs loyalty program

SwissCay Cashback Programme

SwissCay cashback programme allow you to earn a bonus for every trade you place. Qualify for our Cashback Programme by trading in excess of $50m notional value. For each lot traded, you will receive the equivalent of a 20% reduction on spreads, 20% on swaps and 20% reduction on Shares commission.

SwissCay Cashback Programme

How To Get Cashback

  • Apply for a live trading account
  • Request to join the Cashback Programme
  • Trade a notional value of $50 million
  • Start earning cashback on every trade you place



20% Spreads Reduction

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MT4, MT5




Regulated in Cayman Islands #371764




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General Terms

To receive cashback for your trading you must trade a minimum notional value of 50 million USD. If your notional value is under the threshold for a given month, your actual notional traded value will be carried over to the next month. Similarly, if your notional value is over the 50 million USD threshold for the month, the surplus will be automatically carried over and included next month.

Rewards will be paid on the 1st day of each calendar month for the trading activity of the previous month. You will only receive the reward if you have met the threshold for the given month.

The promotion is being shared here solely for informational purposes. Please note that this should not be considered as financial advice.

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