Squared Financial Loyalty Cashback Offer

Squared Financial Loyalty Cashback

Trade & Receive $2 Cashback per Lot Squared Financial Loyalty Cashback Offer. SquaredFinancial is your Global Investment Gateway to a full range of financial products and services. Easy, fast and low-commission trading of a full range of financial products.

Link – Receive $2 Cashback per Lot

How It Works

  • Register for a SquaredFinancial Account (SquaredFinancial Seychelles)
  • Join the promotion by opening a SquaredPro Account with SquaredFinancial
  • Read & Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Make a deposit of no less than $100 USD and request to participate.

Squared Financial Loyalty Cashback Terms & Conditions

  • Squared Financial Loyalty Cashback promotion is applicable only to SquaredPro Accounts and trading made between the above said Promotion Period whereas it applies to also existing Clients,partners or partner referrals.
  • This Promotion is applicable only to Forex (FX) and Metals.
  • Trading made outside the Promotion Period will not be eligible for Cashback.
  • The Client’s withdrawal requests shall be processed normally during the Program period subject to the Operative Agreements.
  • A client must make a deposit of minimum 100 USD/EUR, as per the requirements of the SquaredPro Account
  • Only positions that were opened and closed during the Promotion Period, provided that they were open for more than 5 minutes, will be eligible in accordance with the current Terms.
  • The Cashback will be directly available for withdrawal and/or use from your Cashback Wallet, regardless of the Cashback’s amount.
  • Multiple SquaredPro Accounts per Client are all eligible for Cashback.
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