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MyChargeBack Recovers Your Funds


Know Your
Dispute Rights

MyChargeBack is an expert in complex card-not-present transaction disputes and has recovered millions of dollars for consumers worldwide.


MyChargeBack’s main mission is to recover stolen or scammed funds for investors. MyChargeBack’s service is operated by an American company registered in Delaware, and is available for clients from all over the world. The company provides its clients a way to retrieve funds which are scammed or stolen. You can also ask for help if you are victimized after being lied to or having your information compromised, where it is an online or offline scam. MyChargeBack’s motto is “Put your money back in your wallet – where it belongs.” File your complaint to MyChargeBack, and let their experienced team to present your case effectively and professionally to your bank in order to maximize your chances to recover your funds.


Only One Chance

Cardholders have just one chance to raise a dispute for a transaction. If you don’t do it  right you won’t win. If you lose  your case you lose your money.

Common Broker Problems

Have you experienced withdrawal issues, abusive  “bonuses,” bullying, and blackmail from unlicensed online brokerages?

Winning Your Case

We have assisted thousands of consumers like you recover their funds from over 800 banks  in more than 100 countries around the world.

Online Scams

Fraudulent websites scam people every day. To get your money back you must be able to present an airtight case to  your bank.


File a complaint With MyChargeBack

Go to the application form, and file your complaint to MyChargeBack.

Wait for MyChargeBack’s assessment

Once you submitted the form, MyChargeBack team will review the case, chart an appropriate strategy and prepare the document you will submit to your bank. Then they will contact you via email or phone call (whichever the method you prefer) with more details.

File your initial request with the bank

The chargeback process begins when you agree to raise a dispute with the merchant to the bank that issued the card. The acquiring bank then informs the merchant. The entire process will be supported by MyChargeBack, and you can contact them 24 hours a day if you need an assistance.

Recover and get your funds safely

MyChargeBack will do all process on behalf you. If win, the money is automatically taken from your merchant account and returned to the customer or their bank.

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