Privacy Policy

Collecting personal information

What we collect from you?

We collect some personal information or data such your name, email, cell number, age, countries, IP address, your location etc.

When and how do collect your data?

We collect necessary data directly from you. By using our services and visiting our site when you subscribe our newsletter when you share your data with us via the electronic registration form. In most case, we ask the name of the brokerage company in which you work, the account number for providing brokers review. And when you give us feedback, suggestion and put your important opinion then.  In some cases, you may be asked to provide more detailed information that may be needed to contact you.

Where does my information go?

The Service is available worldwide, but your data is stored in our database, as described in our Privacy Policy.

Protection of personal information

We respect your privacy. Any personal information provided by you to us will be treated as confidential. We keep it secure.

Is my data shared with a 3rd party?

No. FOREX Daily Info does not disclose any personal information with a 3rd party.