PomeloFx $100 No Deposit Bonus

PomeloFx $100 No Deposit Bonus to new clients that joins our team of PFX. Open your live account to grab the welcome bonus reward of $100. You can withdraw the profits earned on the bonus capital. Which means you can start earning profits straight away after getting your live trading account. The terms and conditions of the Welcome Bonus accounts are as follows.

Link – $100 No Deposit Bonus

PomeloFx $100 No Deposit Bonus Terms

  • All new clients that are registered for the first time with Pomelofx are entitled to get $100 Welcome Bonus in their first live trading account. Only one live trading account will have $100 welcome bonus against one person.
  • To get Welcome Bonus of $100, client must first verify his live trading account with proper required documents. After that send us an E-mail at with MT5 trading account details i.e. name, contact no, account id.
  • Welcome Bonus of $100 is not withdrawable or transferable to another account. Profit earned on welcome bonus is withdrawable, maximum profit withdrawal limit is $100 without depositing funds. Minimum 40 standard lots in forex products are required to get the profit withdrawal.
  • When client place his first withdrawal, his remaining equity in trading account must be equal to or more than $100.
  • If client deposits minimum of $100 or more into bonus account, then client needs to place only minimum 20 more standard lots from the date of new deposit to withdraw the profit. Maximum 100$ profit will be counted before any deposit made by the client. Another profit amount will be deducted from the live account.
  • Leverage on these Welcome Bonus Account will be 1:50 maximum.
  • All accounts will be opened in standard spreads account type category only.
  • Client can withdraw his profit after completing the terms and conditions within 90 days of getting Welcome Bonus. After 90 days he cannot get any profit amount earned on the Welcome Bonus.
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