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OctaFx Status Program

OctaFx free status program provides more strengths for your trading success. The OctaFx Status Program is a great way for traders to improve their trading experience and make their trading more profitable. The benefits offered by the program are valuable and can help traders to succeed in the markets.

octafx status program

How to get started

  • Create an account
  • Join the program
  • Make a deposit



Status Program



MT4, MT5, cTrader




FSA Regulated






General Terms

The OctaFx Status Program is a loyalty program that rewards traders for their activity and trading volume. Traders can earn points for each trade they make, and for every deposit they make.


  • Increased leverage: Traders with higher status levels can access higher leverage ratios. This can allow them to control larger positions with smaller deposits, but it is important to note that higher leverage also means higher risk.
  • Reduced spreads: Traders with higher status levels can also enjoy tighter spreads, which means they will keep more of their profits on each trade.
  • Cashback: Traders can also redeem their points for cashback on their losses. This can help to offset the cost of losing trades and make trading more profitable overall.
  • Bonus withdrawals: Traders with higher status levels can withdraw their bonuses more easily. This is a great benefit for traders who want to use OctaFx’s bonuses to boost their trading profits.
  • Priority customer support: Traders with higher status levels also receive priority customer support. This means they will get their questions and issues answered faster.

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