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Non Farm Payroll Dates 2024

The NFP report is released every month and tells us about the US workforce. It doesn’t include farm workers, private household workers, non-profit workers or government employees. It gives us important information about the economy, how businesses in the US are doing, and predicts what might happen to interest rates in the future.

Non Farm Payroll Dates 2023

The NFP report is a document that comes out on the first Friday of every month from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It tells us how many non-farm jobs were added or lost during the previous month, like jobs in factories, hospitals, and construction, but not in farming or government. Investors, economists, and policymakers watch this report closely to understand how well the U.S. job market and economy are doing. A higher NFP number is good news, while a lower one is not so good. In 2023, we will see these reports on the first Friday of every month like usual. It’s tricky to predict exact numbers because there are many factors, like politics and economics, that can impact employment rates.

The data release is usually on the first Friday of every month at 8:30am New York time, which is 1:30pm UK time.

Reference monthDateTime (GMT)
January 20245 January 202412:30pm
February 20242 February 202412:30pm
April 20245 April 202412:30pm
May 20243 May 202412:30pm
June 20247 June 202412:30pm
July 20245 July 202412:30pm
August 20242 August 202412:30pm
September 20246 September 202412:30pm
October 20244 October 202412:30pm
November 20241 November 202412:30pm
December 20246 December 202412:30pm

The Non Farm Payroll (NFP) report tells us how many people have jobs in the US. It helps us understand how healthy the US economy is. This information can affect how valuable the US dollar (USD) is and how other currencies compare to it. If the NFP is higher than expected, this is good news for the economy, which can increase the value of the USD. But, if it’s lower than expected, this is bad news, which can decrease the value of the USD. People who trade foreign currency (forex traders and investors) watch the NFP report closely. They change their trading strategies based on the report’s findings on how it impacts currency prices. It’s important to know that the forex market is unpredictable, so the effect of the NFP report may not always be easy to understand.

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