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Best NDD Forex Brokers 2024

NDD brokers simply connect two trading parties. These brokers do not pass your orders through a Dealing Desk. This means that they never take the other side of any trade. Forex traders that use NDD brokers will buy and sell based on current market prices. These prices are not determined by the broker. No Dealing Desk describes a trading platform offered by a NDD Forex brokers that provides unfiltered access to inter-bank market rates of exchange.

Best NDD Forex Brokers

What Is NDD Forex Broker

No Dealing Desk is a type of Forex trading whereby instantaneous admittance to the inter-bank market is granted. International currencies are traded at the inter-bank market. Whereas there is also trading that takes place through the dealing desk, its operations differ from those of a no dealing desk. Foreign Exchange Dealer and a Futures Commission Merchant can be able to dissolve the position of futures by infiltrating an opposite and equal transaction that disqualifies the delivery obligation.

Best NDD Forex Brokers



Mini. Deposit : 10 US Dollar
Year Founded : 2009
Leverage : 1:1000
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FP Markets

FP Markets

Mini. Deposit : 100 US Dollar
Year Founded : 2005
Leverage : 1:500
FP Markets review



Mini. Deposit : No Minimum
Year Founded : 2004
Leverage : 1:2000
FreshForex review



Mini. Deposit : 1 US Dollar
Year Founded : 2008
Leverage : 1:100 – 1:2000
Exness review

Key To Markets

key to markets

Mini. Deposit : 100 US Dollar
Year Founded : 2010
Leverage : 1:1000
Key To Markets review


Mini. Deposit : 10 US Dollar
Year Founded : 2011
Leverage : 1:1000
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BlackBull Markets


Mini. Deposit : 200 US Dollar
Year Founded : 2014
Leverage : 1:500
BlackBull review



Mini. Deposit : 5 US Dollar
Year Founded : 2011
Leverage : 1:1000
OctaFX review

What Are The Benefits of NDD Forex brokers

  • Transparency: NDD brokers route their clients’ orders directly to the inter-bank market, which is the most transparent and liquid Forex market in the world. This means that traders can be confident that they are getting the best possible prices for their trades.
  • Faster execution: NDD brokers typically offer faster execution than market maker brokers, as there is no need for a dealing desk to intervene and process the trades. This can be especially important for day traders and other high-frequency traders.
  • Tighter spreads: NDD brokers typically offer tighter spreads than market maker brokers, as they are able to access the interbank market directly. This means that traders can keep more of their profits, as they will pay less in commissions and spreads.
  • No conflict of interest: NDD brokers do not trade against their clients, so there is no conflict of interest. This means that traders can be confident that their broker is acting in their best interests.

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