Multibank Group 20% Deposit Bonus

MultibankFX Deposit Bonus

Multibank Group Deposit Bonus. Apply Multibank Group 20% Deposit Bonus and Earn a deposit bonus up to $40,000 on top of your investment and redeem this bonus for real cash rewards. Multibank Group bonus is 100% tradable and withdrawable. Open live trading account and start with exclusive bonus.

Link – 20% Deposit Bonus

Multibank Group Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum deposit required for the 20% bonus is $1,000.
  • The minimum deposit for the following countries is $100 – Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam
  • The maximum bonus amount per customer is $40,000.
  • This losable bonus can be withdrawn at a rate of $200 for every 80 lots round trip traded.
  • If the customer chooses to withdraw funds from their trading account, then any bonus amount which was not converted into cash will be deducted from their account.
  • Clients must complete trading requirements within 90 days of receiving the bonus. If the full trading requirements are not met at the time of expiry, clients are only entitled to a percentage of the bonus calculated pro rata.
  • This bonus only applies to MultiBank Pro and Maximus platforms.

How many lots do you need to trade

Your deposit$1,000
Tradable, losable & withdrawable bonus$200
Total tradable equity$1200
Lots to trade = $200/$2.5 = 80 Lots

The withdrawable portion of your bonus scales with lots traded. After a certain point, the full amount will become withdrawable.

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