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Kenke Capital Review 2022

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Kenke Capital

Kenke Capital provides traders with online trading services for four financial derivatives, such as foreign exchange, energy, precious metals, stock indexes and other CFDs. Committed to providing customers with experienced, convenient and safe trading service solutions, as well as investor trading training business and investment consulting services, so that traders can open accounts anytime, anywhere, connect the global market and trade the world’s most popular financial products . Realize all-round and multi-channel online trading services in the global financial derivatives market. Kenke Capital entered the European market in 2020, and officially entered the American and Asian markets in 2021. In addition to our headquarters in the United Kingdom, we have set up offices in the Asia-Pacific region, and established a comprehensive European and American network and customer service support. Provide a full range of services for customers in Europe, America and Asia.

Kenke Capital Regulation

  • Kenke Capital Global Limited is referred to as: KenkeFX
  • Kenke Capital Global Limited is a wholly-owned global company registered in the UK (registered 13034909).
  • KenkeFX mainly obtains compensation for its services through the buying/selling price difference, which is our only revenue.
  • KenkeFX is authorized and managed by the US Financial Enforcement Bureau MSB.
  • KenkeFX is also one of the registered members of the US NFA Futures Commission (NFA:0535224).
  • KenkeFX is Focus on global financial derivatives online trading services

Introduction to MSB supervision

The United States is a federal government system, so there are problems of federal government law and state government law. At present, the federal government has no special legal regulation on virtual currency, so the applicable license is money services businesses (MSB). Bitrex, poloniex, coinbase, hbus (Huobi), okex all hold this license. However, limited by the problems of the federal and state governments, some states have their own regulatory laws, such as New York State and Washington, D.C. In the case of offshore operation of the project, MSB can meet the regulatory requirements of the United States

Business scope of regulatory department

American MSB (money services business) license is a financial license which is supervised and issued by FinCEN (financial crime enforcement agency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury). The main objects of supervision are businesses and companies related to money services. The scope includes international remittance, foreign exchange, currency transaction / transfer (including digital currency / virtual currency), provision of prepaid items, issuance of traveler’s checks, etc. Therefore, MSB can cover virtual currency trading and foreign exchange trading.

Trading Platform

MT4 platform introduction and features

As an advanced trading software, Metatrader 4 (MT4) has powerful functions. In addition to its flexible trading function, MT4 also provides news, quotation, chart analysis, indicator programming, alert, email communication and other functions.

  • Fast transaction execution and quick order closing
  • Fast, reliable and comprehensive chart function
  • Set up stop profit and stop loss to protect profit control
  • Two way transaction execution function
  • Convenient operation of account, you can check the profit and loss status of account at any time


Address: Southbank Tower, 55 Upper Ground, London SE1 9EY UK



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