InstaForex VPS Hosting For Trading

InstaForex VPS Hosting For Trading

InstaForex VPS Hosting For Trading

InstaForex VPS Hosting For Trading. VPS is a tool that will help you organize trading in the forex market properly. The server has a backup power supply, which makes it highly available and reliable 24/7. It is designed for any device. Moreover, it has a high-speed connection to the Internet. On top of that, you can trade in your usual mode since you are already familiar with the Windows interface and work through your computer.

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What is VPS hosting

Virtual Private Server is a virtual computer located in the data center. It works in the same way as an ordinary computer. The server is called private because you are the only person who has access to it. You can use your phone or tablet to connect to the server.

InstaForex VPS Hosting For Trading

Account balanceVPS 256VPS 512VPS 1024VPS 2048VPS 3072
Less than USD 500USD 5USD 10USD 12USD 15USD 17
Over USD 500USD 4USD 8USD 10USD 12USD 15
Over USD 1,000USD 3USD 6USD 8USD 10USD 13
Over USD 3,000USD 2USD 3USD 6USD 8USD 10
Over USD 5,000For freeUSD 2USD 4USD 6USD 8

Why Do Traders Use VPS Hosting

The service allows traders to use a private server for organizing trading in the forex market. InstaForex VPS hosting runs 24/7 and without interruption, providing non-stop trading even in case of a power outage or the loss of the Internet connection. The VPS server has a backup power supply, which does not require a full-time connection to a home computer.

We have placed new VPS servers as close as possible to our trading servers with a ping of only 9-16 ms (0.009-0.016 seconds). This will enable a remote computer to react instantly to the actions of a trader.

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