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Huobi Global Review 2022

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Huobi Global

Huobi Global one of the largest and most recognized online digital asset exchanges internationally, best known for its vast array of features and high liquidity. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the Seychelles, it now has over 1,300 employees and has created subsidiary and partnership companies in 12 different countries such as the United States, Japan, Thailand, Gibraltar and more; they also provide services to over 170 countries.

The Huobi team is a well-oiled machine, managed primarily by Leon Li (Chairman, Founder & CEO), Robin Zhu (COO), Simon Wu (CSO), and Roy Zhu (CTO). Huobi Token (HT) is its native token which provides rewards such as invitations or rebates, fee discounts, rewards of sub-tokens, and more. The exchange continues to expand its global footprint and cement itself as a leader amongst its competitors.

Huobi Global Trading Fee

For spot trading, Huobi has two different tiered ranking systems – one for ordinary users, and the other for professional users. Your ranking is determined by the amount of Huobi Tokens you hold in addition to your total 30-day trading volume in BTC – the more Huobi Tokens you own, the higher the discount will be. Overall, the fees are quite standard compared to other exchanges.

LevelHT HoldingMaker feesTaker fees
1≥ 00.2%0.2%
2≥ 100.18%0.18%
3≥ 1000.16%0.16%
4≥ 5000.12%0.12%
5≥ 10000.09%0.09%
6≥ 20000.08%0.08%
7≥ 50000.07%0.07%

Withdrawal Fees

Any withdrawal fees can be found by logging into your account and going to the Deposit and Withdrawal section. From there, you are able to view the associated fee in the denomination of the token you want to send off the exchange – most of these fees are standard across the industry. Huobi has a Fast Withdrawal option that allows you to send tokens to anyone internally at Huobi without charge. This is a nice feature that provides flexibility and encourages users to trade within the platform as opposed to sending funds to other exchanges.

Margin Trading

The margin trading interface is almost exactly the same in regards to look and feel when compared to the spot trading view; the main differences are that there are fewer pairings to choose from on the left and loan options on the bottom of the screen. Again, a fairly straightforward design that makes margin trading easy. You are allowed up to 3x leverage for margin trading across most tokens, which is quite low relative to other exchanges, which often offer at least 5-10x and even up to 100x.

Huobi Futures

The futures trading view is also similar to the spot and margin trading views, except the left hand side contains all of the various contract details you can select from. Below the price chart, there are limit and trigger order options to initiate your trades:


The options trading layout provides the call and put option data, with the order book on the right-hand side and the ability to make trades on the bottom of the screen. Overall, the page is quite busy but provides all of the information you need in one place. Options are currently only available in BTC and ETH.

Coin and USDT Swap

Huobi allows you to trade coin and USDT swaps as a form of futures trading – regardless of which option you choose, you will be given a large pool of tokens and trading pairs to choose from. Most of these tokens are mostly well-known large and mid-cap ones, with the exception of a few smaller-cap ones as well. These swaps are crypto derivatives that have no delivery date and allow you to make money going long or short.

Brokerage (OTC)

In 2020, Huobi launched a brokerage platform to provide additional services to institutions and high-income clients. Their over-the-counter trading program is designed to provide clients with the best price and ensure seamless trading execution. Other features include aggregation, customized lending and financing, custodian services, and interest rate/alpha products. Orders/trades on their brokerage platform are usually high volume orders and are executed separately from a traditional exchange trading app to ensure it does not disrupt trades.

Trading Bot

There are many investors and traders who don’t want to deal with the stress or hassle of sitting and constantly monitoring the market to execute trades – that’s where Huobi’s trading bot comes in. With a simple design and strong technology, the bot can automatically execute trades based on predefined parameters and algorithms.

On the right-hand side of the main trading interface, you can see the parameters that are based on the 7-day backtest data of the trading pair – this will give you a good idea of the possible returns that can be generated, but is by no means a guarantee. There is also an option to manually enter certain parameters, so the bot can be tailored to your liking.

Supported Countries and Cryptos

Based on its terms of service, only the United States and Japan are excluded from trading on the platform, making it easy for almost anyone across the world to register and have access to their platform and associated services. There is still light at the end of the tunnel for US customers, though – in late 2020 it won a Nevada Trust License, which will allow it to offer custodial and compliance services to US citizens in early 2021.

For supported cryptos, it offers 394 different digital tokens for users to trade – this is quite impressive and provides a wide range of options for investors, more than almost any other exchange in the industry.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Deposits and withdrawals are relatively standard in relation to other exchanges. To deposit cryptocurrency, navigate to the token you want to import and copy your deposit address, which will then need to be entered on the exchange you are withdrawing from. The same applies for withdrawing tokens – just enter the deposit address of the external exchange and send it away.

Huobi does support fiat deposits and withdrawals as well. Currently, supported fiat currencies are AUD, EUR, GBP, and USD. To get your fiat on the exchange, you will need to initiate a wire transfer (options will vary) depending on which currency you choose. Buying and selling with fiat (via a credit card) is also supported, which will be discussed in the next section.

HUSD Stablecoin

HUSD is a ERC20 stablecoin issued by Stable Universal that is pegged 1:1 with the US dollar; it is held in a U.S. trust company and receives monthly audits from independent firms, building a reputation of safety and security.

You can deposit USD and purchase HUSD through stcoins.com, and then deposit that HUSD into your account on a supported exchange (i.e. Huobi, Nexos, HotBit, Uniswap) to begin trading; there are no fees and 1:1 minting and redemption are a huge benefit. It can be directly swapped with PAX at a 1:1 ratio on Huobi Global and BUSD at a 1:1 ratio on PAXOS. As the stablecoin market is quite competitive, they have created these features and offered appropriate incentives to make HUSD a top market across major exchanges.


Huobi offers an earnings platform where you can earn various interest rates for depositing your tokens. They offer flexible and fixed terms in regards to the duration that you hold your tokens. The tokens that you can earn interest on are mainly large-cap coins, and the interest rates are relatively average to below average in comparison with other similar programs across exchanges. The fixed-rate is currently limited to only USDT – there are also featured rates that are extremely high, but these sell out quickly so you need to spot them and move fast in order to claim.

Other Features and Services

Huobi Pool

Huobi’s mining pool was created to benefit large communities of miners in the crypto space. It offers mining and trading services and is connected to the trading platform, so the miners can withdraw their earnings while depositing/trading them on the main exchange or OTC platform. Miners can benefit from this platform, and Huobi offers services for BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, ETC, and DCR.

Huobi Chat

Huobi Chat is an innovative social media app that consists of communities, e-commerce, and more. There are thousands of Huobi users who are constantly engaging in chats on the app, offering a great opportunity for anyone to ask questions, share ideas, etc. You can download the app via the QR code, as displayed below, and it is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Huobi Wallet

Huobi Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet that provides multi-currency support along with a simple and easy-to-use interface. Supported currencies and stablecoins include BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, BCH, LTC, EOS, BSV, ADA, TRX, DASH, TOM, ETC, ONT, DOGE, IOST, KLAY, HUSD, TUSD, USDC, GUSD, PAX, EURT, DAI, and EURS.

Individuals have the ability to manage their own private keys via the app; the app is secure as Huobi has obtained several data security patents and supports multi-signature. There is also no registration required to use the app, so it’s simple and easy to buy and sell crypto.

Huobi Capital

Huobi Capital is the investment entity of the exchange, looking to support projects and ventures specific to blockchain and digital assets with financial resources to help drive further innovation in the space. Their resources are provided to projects such as Huobi exchanges, Huobi News, Huobi Labs, Huobi Mining Pool, Huobi Eco Fund, and more.

Huobi Eco (Global Ecosystem Fund)

Huobi Eco is a fund that was $200 million in assets under management – they invest primarily in blockchain projects and provide strategic resources to them. From the get go, a project is incubated and then connected to Huobi’s partners, fostering growth potential. They are backed by a strong team consisting of international investment banks, investment funds, listed companies, internet companies, entrepreneurs, and more.

Huobi Cloud

Their cloud service is meant for global digital asset exchanges, designed to help them improve and build upon themselves. They support OTC, crypto to crypto trading, platform tokens listing and more. In addition, they provide risk control and supporting documents – on top of this, Huobi’s high liquidity will help ensure that public cloud exchanges are able to provide their users with appropriate volumes.

Huobi Eco Chain

Huobi Eco Chain (also known as Heco) is a decentralized public chain that is Ethereum- developer-friendly and possesses compatible smart contracts – it is also extremely efficient from a cost perspective. It also supports yield farming for certain projects, giving you a flavor of DeFi.



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