Grand Capital $50 BTC Prediction Bonus


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Grand Capital announced Predict the price of Bitcoin Shares and get $50. Let’s make your own predictions regarding the price of Bitcoin  and get $50. We remind you that the price you need to predict is the closing price.

Link – $50 Bitcoin Price Predict Bonus

Link – $25 Welcome Bonus

Link – $500 Welcome Bonus

Link – $40 Any Deposit Bonus

  • The quotes will be taken from
  • You can publish one comment a day, the comment must contain a number.
  • You can’t correct the comment once it’s been published.
  • Don’t waste time and take advantage of our unique offer before it’s over
  • Predict the price of Bitcoin.
  • The contestant who gives the closest prediction will be proclaimed the winner. If two or more people give the same winning prognosis, the person who published the comment first will be considered the winner.


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