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GOFX Loyalty Bonus Program

GOFX Loyalty Bonus Program

GOFX.com is delighted to offer special promotions to reward our valued traders. Boost your investments, win many prizes, and claim it right away. GOFX Loyalty Bonus Program prizes include a wide variety of choices which includes cutting-edge gadgets, luxury car brands such as Maserati and Porsche, cash coupons, and many more prizes meticulously selected just for you.

Link – Loyalty Bonus Program

GOFX Loyalty Bonus Program Terms

  • Collecting points, winning many prizes, and claiming it right away.
  • All trading accounts earn GO Points instantly.
  • Every product earns GO Point immediately.
  • Except Bonus $30 and Demo accounts.
  • Start collecting points 24 June 2021.
  • GOFX customer will automatically be in the Loyalty Program.
  • There is no expiration date for the loyalty bonus program and main rewards.

The Loyalty Bonus Program Status is the level of trader participating in the Loyalty Bonus Program. The elevation of level will depend on the accumulation of points (GO point) which will be calculated from the trading volume (Lot) of traders.

  • GO Trader – 1 Lot = 10 Point
  • Advance Trader – 1 Lot = 12 Point
  • Expert Trader – 1 Lot = 15 Point
  • Master Trader – 1 Lot = 20 Point
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