FortFS True Insider $30 Analysis Contest

FortFS True Insider

FortFs 30 USD for the best fundamental analysis each week — no trading turnover requirements. Take part in the FortFs True Insider contest hosted in the official telegram group and win a unique bonus.

Link – True Insider $30 Analysis Contest

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How To Participate In The Contest

  • Be a member of the Telegram group @fortfs_chat
  • Wait for the contest to begin at 10:00 a.m.
  • Send to the Telegram group your fundamental analysis for a trading instrument of your choice with a screenshot and a hashtag attachment #TrueInsider
  • Author of the most accurate analysis for the week will be determined on Monday (9 days after the start of the contest) and will receive a prize of 30 USD on the safe account

Terms & Conditions

  • Fundamental analyzes are accepted via the official chat group of its in Telegram (@fortfs_chat) every weekend, from 10:00 a.m. Saturday to 23:00 p.m. Sunday, according to the trading server time (EET, UTC + 2 during winter, UTC + 3 during summer)
  • A fundamental analysis message should consist of a text part and an image
  • The fundamental analysis texts of participants should not be the same. If two participants have similar analysis texts the author of the last published text is disqualified from the contest
  • All fundamental analysis texts are to be considered the property of The Company.
  • In case if one or more of the requirements for the fundamental analysis itself, the design of the fundamental analysis, the text of the fundamental analysis or the participants of the True Insider contest are not fulfilled by the participant, that participant is to be disqualified from the contest with a penalty of not receiving a prize.
  • Fundamental analysis materials provided by the True Insider contest participants are evaluated by FortFS analysts
  • When determining the winners of the contest, FortFS analysts are guided by their personal opinion, which may be subjective and may not coincide with the opinion of the participants of the competition
  • To win the True Insider contest you need to share your fundamental analysis for any trading instrument of your choice. In order to win your fundamental analysis should be the closest to the real market situation for the chosen trading instrument during the next trading week
  • The fundamental analysis of each specific participant is relevant (or valid) from the time the message was posted via the FortFS chat group in Telegram (@fortfs_chat) until 23:00 p.m. Friday (EET, UTC + 2 during winter, UTC + 3 during summer)
  • Values of the current trading instrument are determined based on the FortFS trading terminal
  • The results of the competition are announced on Monday (next week’s Monday) 9 days after the start of the competition in the official FortFS Telegram group @fortfs_chat
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