FBS Trading Marathon, Win $1K Prize

FBS Trading Marathon

FBS Trading Marathon – Vol.6: Reboot. Win $1K Prize. FBS and its amazing financial analysts launch the next round of FBS Trading Marathon – Vol. 6. Meet the simple requirements to participate in New round of FBS Trading Marathon – Vol.6. Traders with the biggest number of profit points get prize accordance to the terms of the promotion.

FBS Trading Marathon General Terms

During five trading days, from March 30 till April 5, the participants will need to trade the instrument of the day to win the marathon.

This Time There Will Be Five Winning Places: 

  • 1st place will get $300
  • 2nd place will get $250
  • 3rd place will get $200
  • 4th place will get $150
  • 5th place will get $100

Moreover, FBS Will Give The Following Great Prizes:

  • $100 to a random marathon participant, 
  • A consultation with an FBS analyst to the participant from the last place.
  • The winners will be announced on April 6. They will be the traders with the biggest number of profit points. 

To help you trade successfully, FBS market experts will release tips, guidance, and other materials related to the trading instruments. Thus, the marathon is also a great chance to learn. You do not just trade, you gain priceless pieces of knowledge to trade with profit even after the marathon.

  • All the materials will be posted with #FBSTradingMarathon on the following Telegram channel — @fbsanalytics.
  • Subscribe to FBS Analytics on Telegram to take part in FBS Trading Marathon. 
  • Open a real account with FBS and register @FBS_marathon_bot via Telegram. 

That is it — you are on your way to trade with profit. 

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