Darico Review 2021

DARICO was created with the goal to develop a complete set of products that will empower users with all the tools needed to strive in the new Crypto economy. Darico offers user-friendly investment & trading tools, which enable users to make informed decisions, trade simply, store their digital assets, get informed on latest industry news and spend their assets accordingly.

  • Start year: 2017
  • Country of origin: Gibraltar
  • Regulation: None
  • Payment options: BTC
  • Minimum account size: $1
  • Minimum lot size: 0.01
  • Leverage: 1:500
  • Spreads: 3 pips on BTC/USD

Darico Ecosystem

Darico was incorporated in 2017 and its ecosystem is composed by

  • Gnius
  • Depay
  • Chawk
  • Nysu
  • Dgto

The Darico Ecosystem Coin (DEC) stands at the heart of the platform itself. DEC is the lucky ticket to accessing the Darico ecosystem and to all the extra benefits for DEC holders.

What is DEC..?

DEC A Ticket to Many Advantages. DEC is your ticket into Darico’s trading tools. Easy trading, investment and payment, with a diverse range of products giving an improved and uncomplicated experience of trading. Empowering traders worldwide.

Shareholding Opportunity

Holders of DEC can buy DECS (Darico Ecosystem Community Shares) in the exchange and be shareholders of Darico Ecosystem, giving them shareholding rights and the ability to trade it in the platform itself.


DECS tokens are security tokens that give its holders a share of the Darico Ecosystem. Holders of DECS hold similar shareholding rights as in conventional finance. On a frequent basis, DECS holders will receive payouts in the form of dividends that are generated through the operational activities of Darico.

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