Bank of Canada, with acronym BOC is the Canadian’s Central bank that administers the country’s monetary policies. The Bank of Canada’s announcements informs Canadians about the interest rates and other financial policies of the government.

BOC was established in line with the Bank of Canada Act of 1934. The Act clearly stated that the BOC was established to promote the economic and financial welfare of Canada.” The Bank of Canada and its governing council are responsible for printing money, setting monetary policies, as well as determining the country’s interest rate.

The responsibility of the Bank of Canada is broadly categorized into four major areas:

BOC Meeting Schedule 2021

MonthDateTimeFinancial Event
January1106 PMRegular Meeting
January2504 PMWork Session
February0806 PMRegular Meeting
February2204 PMWork Session
March0806 PMRegular Meeting
March2204 PMWork Session
April2606 PMRegular Meeting
April1504 PMWork Session
May1006 PMRegular Meeting
May2404 PMWork Session
June1406 PMRegular Meeting
June2804 PMWork Session
July1206 PMRegular Meeting
July2604 PMWork Session
August0906 PMRegular Meeting
August2304 PMWork Session
September1306 PMRegular Meeting
September2704 PMWork Session
October1106 PMRegular Meeting
October2504 PMWork Session
November0806 PMRegular Meeting
November2204 PMWork Session
December1306 PMRegular Meeting
December2004 PMWork Session