Bitterz Offering 100% Deposit Bonus

Bitterz Offering 100% Deposit Bonus

Bitterz Offering 100% Deposit Bonus

Bitterz offering 100% deposit bonus for 5 days only To celebrate the 25,000th account opening. 100% of your deposit will be awarded only for the first deposit during the campaign. From the second deposit, you will only receive a 30% bonus but you can use it as many times as you like during the campaign.

Link – 100% Deposit Bonus

Bitterz 100% Deposit Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • 100% for the first deposit only (during the campaign)
  • 30% from the second time onwards (during the campaign)
  • No matter how many times you make a deposit during the campaign, you will receive the stipulated bonus.
  • (If you have transferred funds from your MT5 account to the Bitterz wallet or withdrawn funds from the Bitterz wallet to an external wallet within the last 30 days, the rules for the second and subsequent deposit (30% bonus) will apply.)
  • The maximum bonus in total is 1,000,000 yen (during the campaign).
  • (Both of the bonus for the first deposit and that for the second and subsequent deposit are 0.5BTC at most.)
  • The maximum bonus awarded during the campaign period is 1.0 BTC.
  • (0.5 BTC for the first time + 0.5 BTC for the second and subsequent times in total= 1.0 BTC)
  • Deposit must be received by us during the campaign
  • If you transfer or make a withdrawal from MT5 during campaign, you will not be eligible for the deposit bonus due to anti-fraud measures.
  • The evaluation will be conducted on each account.
  • Only those who have submitted identification documents and have been approved will be eligible to receive the bonus.
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