Bexplus 100% New Year Deposit Bonus

Bexplus 100% New Year Deposit Bonus

Enjoy 100% deposit bonus on Bexplus. Users are able to claim 100% deposit bonus for deposit more than 0. 01 BTC. Deposit bonus can only be used as margin.

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Link – 100% New Year Deposit Bonus

  • Rules of promotion 1 have been post on Twitter, please go and follow @BexplusExchange on Twitter.
  • Profit made by 100% deposit bonus can be withdrawn, but the bonus itself can’t be withdrawn (Important!). And please contact Telegram Support@AmandaC122 to claim the bonus after deposited.
  • Rebates distribution: Service fees rebates distribution will begin in 6 working days after promotion ends and the proportion of it is 20% per week. Rebate recipients can check their balance at account history for distribution records accordingly.
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