Bexplus 100% Free BTC Deposit Bonus


Bexplus user is eligible to apply for the 100% deposit bonus, and the more you deposit, the more bonus you can get. Deposit 1BTC, and followed the instruction of the event, then you will receive 1BTC bonus.

Link – 100% Free BTC Bonus

How To Participate

  • Finish the deposit bonus claim form
  • Follow us on Twitter @BexplusExchange
  • Share this Twitter post to your own page and set the shared post as public
  • Then contact us via email¬†¬†telling us you have completed the missions above, and we will apply the deposit bonus asap.

Terms & Conditions

  • Bonus will be displayed in the account system, which is not allowed to withdraw. However, profits made by bonus can be withdrawn.
  • If users trade in different token pairs, the trading tokens will be calculated in BTC.
  • When accumulative deposit amount is over 0.1 BTC, users are able to apply for 100% bonus again.
  • For malicious or cheating users, Bexplus has the right to reclaim the bonus and block the account. Bexplus has the final right to interpret the bonus activity.


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