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BaFin Regulated Forex Brokers

BaFin Regulated Forex Brokers

BaFin Regulated Forex Brokers : BaFin (Bundesanstalt fΓΌr Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht ) is a regulatory agency from Germany and also known as the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in German. Formed in 2002, BaFin is a highly independent regulatory organization that regulates the operation of banks, financial services companies, insurance firms, and different types of financial undertakings in the whole country.

This regulatory is one of the strictest regulatory authorities in the world. BaFin quickly responds to all kinds of financial frauds and updates its rule constantly in order to fight financial crimes and client abuse. This is the reason BaFin considered as one of the most respected and reliable regulatory agencies in the financial markets. This following list shows BaFin Regulated Forex Brokers.

BaFin Regulated Forex Brokers

ASIC, 416279
BaFin, 73406
DFSA (Dubai) CL3989
FCA (UK), 481068
FSC (BVI), SIBA/L/14/1068
Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone, IC/2993/10

Australia | 2005

ASIC 414530
BaFin, 151148
Capital Markets Authority of Kenya, 128
CySEC, 388/20
DFSA (Dubai), F004356

Australia | 2010

ASIC, 443670
BaFin, 124161
CNMV (Spain), 2010157773
CONSOB (Italy), 3046
CySEC, 120/10
FCA (UK) 538324
FSP (New Zealand), FSP235905

Australia | 2009

ASIC, 424122
BaFin, 130602
CONSOB (Italy) 2915
Czech National Bank, 256/2004
DMCC (Dubai), 32142
FCA (UK), 501320
Finansinspektionen (Sweden), 556873-1326
FINRA, 16.06.2021
SFC (Hong Kong), AZJ874

Chile | 2009

BaFin 146511
CySEC, 278/15
FCA (UK), 717270
FSA (Seychelles), SD008
FSCA (South Africa), 49464

Seychelles | 2014

BaFin, HRB 160749B
CFTC/NFA 0486419
CySEC, 199/13
FSA (Seychelles), SD047
FSC (Mauritius), C116016172

Cyprus | 2012

BaFin, WA37-K 5000-138982-2014/0001
Banque de France 74965
CNMV (Spain), 3755
CySEC, 214/13
FCA (UK), 628755
Finansinspektionen (Sweden), 14-10518
HCMC (Greece), 2703

Cyprus | 2008

BaFin, 131055
CNMV (Spain) 3354
CONSOB (Italy), 3597
FSA (Denmark), 9221
MFSA, IS/56519

Malta | 2011

BaFin, 122477
CNVM (Romania) PJM01SFIM/400004
Czech National Bank, 215130
FCA (UK), 481581
FSA (Denmark), 6455
FSC (Bulgaria), RG-03-0146

Bulgaria | 1998

AFM (Netherlands), 02-04-2015
BaFin, 142529
CNMV (Spain), 3917
CONSOB (Italy), 4789
CySEC 236/14
FCA (UK), 683301
FSA (Seychelles), SD030

Cyprus | 2014

BaFin, 148415

Germany | 1997

BaFin, 130520
Banque de France, 74353
CNMV (Spain), 3321
CONSOB (Italy), 3567
FCA (UK), 593528
FSCA (South Africa) 47709

Cyprus | 2011

BaFin, 154814
FCA (UK), 173730

Australia | 1989

AFM (Netherlands), 0900-5400 540
ASIC, 424008
BaFin, 122798
CySEC, 092/08
FCA (UK), 607305
FSA (Denmark) 6729
FSCA (South Africa), 46860

Cyprus | 2006

BaFin, 2017/1349943
CNMV (Spain), 4373
CONSOB (Italy), 4624
CySEC, 300/16
FCA (UK), 782501

Cyprus | 2006

BaFin, 120056
CySEC, 150/11

Bulgaria | 2011

BaFin, 132843
CNMV (Spain), 2013092102
CySEC, 171/12
FCA (UK), 602404

Cyprus | 2012


BaFinΒ operates in the public interest. Its primary objective is to ensure the proper functioning, stability and integrity of the German financial system. Bank customers, insurance policyholders and investors ought to be able to trust the financial system.

What Does BaFin Regulated Mean

Being regulated by BaFin (Bundesanstalt fΓΌr Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) or the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority means operating under the standards of a German financial regulator. Established in May 1, 2002, It is an independent institution under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Finance. BaFin supervises thousands of banks, hundreds of insurance undertakings, and 800 financial services companies including forex brokerages in Germany.

What is The Main Purpose of BaFin

To prevent consumer violation in the financial industry, as well as protecting and regulating its members against financial anomalies. BaFin can also work together with its regulated brokers to ensure a good business environment for continued success in the industry. They are committed to the welfare of companies as well as investors, so their main purpose is to create a harmony between the two different forces in the market.