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Amazing three trading strategies to follow the trend

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What is the most important thing you need before you decide to enter a trade? Do you need investment or the charts? Well, it is undeniable that you need both of these but the most valuable thing for you would be to speculate the market. Now, why is this market speculation so important? It helps you to find the most suitable point at which to enter your trade. 

Let’s say, you bought some stocks with your investment to make some investment. You will not find a single trader who doesn’t trade to make a profit. So, you will undoubtedly look for opportunities to sell your previously bought stocks at a higher price. But how would you know that you are going to sell your stocks at a higher price since you are trading online? Here comes the necessity of speculation to know the perfect market condition to sell your stocks.

When you virtually keep an eye on the market, you will find out there are some changes in the market value of the product. Sometimes the price may go higher than your cost price while sometimes the price may go lower. When the price goes lower it will not be a favorable condition for you to sell your stocks as the difference between your selling price and cost price will be negative and you will face a loss. That’s why, to avoid such losses, traders use some trendlines to know where the price is moving. By looking at the trendlines, they become aware to find their preferable entry points. Therefore, traders need to follow the trendlines without making any mistakes as a slight mistake can lead to huge losses in this sector. Traders use various strategies to keep up with the market trends and here are some of the most popular tips for you.

Fix one main trendline

It is no wonder that a trendline is the completion of multiple higher and lower price values. But when the trend remains bullish where a maximum of the price remains higher high and higher low, the trend is recognized as an uptrend. On the other hand, a downtrend is marked when the trend remains bearish or the price remains within lower high and lowers low. It can a bit of a challenge to follow a big picture trendline as the market is constantly fluctuating and is difficult to interpret for the traders. There may remain several trendlines in the main trendline but for a big picture of the market, you should have a main trendline in the sidelines.

Use a channel to follow the trend

Now the trends are mainly identified by smoothening all the roughly sketched price values. As the price fluctuation is very high in a chart, it is not possible for a trader to visually recognize what a trend may look like. Here comes the importance of channeling the day-to-day price movement into one single straight line. Now, this single straight line will indicate a trend.

The rookies need to learn channel trading method in demo environment. Use this link to get a demo account from Saxo. Learn to trade the channel by using the free resource without risking any real money.

Identifying a breakout

Trends are not eternal. They come to an end. But how to identify the end of a trend? For identifying the upsurge of a trend, you need to look for breakouts. In a trend, there may be times when the price value may move in the opposite direction for some moment and again go back to its previous direction. But after moving back and forth for some time, the value finally breaks the ongoing trends and completely moves in the opposite direction. This is termed a breakout in trading. These breakouts are important to identify a change in the trends. By speculating a breakout, a trader can predict the market value of a commodity beforehand and thus make decisions accordingly.

Traders need to execute all their works and strategies only after a trend has begun its action. So, to get a better result by following a trendline, a trader should also remain vigilant when speculating and predicting the market movement.



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