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$50 No Deposit Bonus From KlasFx20

New Trader Promotion by KlasFX – USD 50 NO-DEPOSIT BONUS to try live market with profit withdrawal opportunities. Register a ClassicFX account and submit personal documents for verification, on approval get USD 50 TRIAL BONUS

Link – $50 No Deposit Bonus

  • This campaign is only valid for new accounts in the Class FX.
  • Your $ 50 Trial Bonus will be uploaded to your account once your required documents are fully completed and your Class FX account is opened.
  • When you make a $ 50 trial bonus that will be loaded into the real account you open in the Class FX by using a maximum of 1: 200 leverage and make at least 5 lots by trading $ 200 or more, you can withdraw your current balance.
  • The minimum balance to be withdrawn as a result of this promotion is $ 200 and the maximum balance to be received is $ 300.
  • In order to benefit from the promotion and request a $ 200 to $ 300 withdrawal request, transactions must be made within the first week (5 business days) after the account is opened and the $ 50 Trial Bonus is defined. The end of 5 working days is calculated based on the 24-hour cycle at the time the $ 50 Trial Bonus is defined in the account.
  • Investors who participate in the promotion may continue to trade without requesting a shot if they wish to increase their $ 50 Trial Bonus to more than $ 200. Investors who move at least 5 lots within 5 business days to raise their $ 50 bonus to more than $ 300 and who wish to proceed with their transaction and withdraw from the proceedings are withdrawn and their existing balances are withdrawn to $ 300 and proceeded as such. (For example, $ 50 is $ 350, but the balance is $ 300 upper limit.) At the end of the campaign position can not be moved.
  • Although the required conditions are fulfilled before the end of 5 working days (eg on the 3rd or 4th day) and the withdrawal of the money has been granted, the withdrawal instruction may be issued at the end of the 5th business day and may or may not take place, taking into account the current balance.
  • Investors participating in the campaign must close all open positions (based on a 24-hour cycle) when they have finished 5 business days.
  • Investors who have fulfilled the shooting request cannot benefit from any welcome bonus if they wish to fund and continue trading. At the end of 5 working days, if the investors who cannot make $ 50 Trial Bonus can do funding and continue the transactions, they are entitled to 30% Welcome Bonus or withdrawable 20% Welcome Bonus based on their first funding.
  • In order to participate in the promotion, contact the Live Support Line on the Class FX website or the Class FX Customer Service Line on 0212 942 26 30 and 0850 215 12 05.

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