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Link – $300 No Deposit Bonus

Trade immediately and with more capital. The No Deposit Bonus program enables traders to test our superb trading platforms without experiencing any investment risk. All it takes is creating and validating an account. Please take note that the bonus can be availed once and cannot be combined with other kinds of bonuses. Traders may receive a No Deposit Bonus of up to 300 USD. Log in to ForexMart to check your corresponding bonus amount.

  •  The maximum leverage for clients who received the No Deposit Bonus is 1:200.
  •  The stop out level for these accounts is 100%.
  •  The No Deposit Bonus cannot be invested.
  •  Clients who have received the No Deposit Bonus to their trading accounts cannot participate in rebate-programs.
  • 5.1 The No Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn after executing buy or sell trades of the total volume equal to X*2,5 Market lots in total where X is the total amount of the bonuses received (all the bonuses ever gained are taken into account, including canceled or partially lost ones). Only the whole bonus amount is allowed for withdrawal, there is no possibility to partially withdraw the bonus. In order to withdraw bonus funds from your trading account, please send your request to [email protected]. The bonus to be withdrawn must be on your account at the moment when your request is being considered. The company reserves the right to reject the withdrawal request without giving any explanations.
  • 5.2 Profit is allowed for withdrawal only for completely verified accounts. The Client agrees that the bonus is canceled in full + 20% of the bonus amount upon withdrawal of funds from the trading account.
  • 5.3 The profit derived from the No Deposit Bonus is allowed for withdrawal only in case it exceeds 20% of the bonus amount. Profit of any kind exceeding 20% is available for withdrawal.
  • 5.4 The maximum sum available for withdrawal from accounts with No Deposit Bonus doesn’t exceed the amount of initial bonus. This rule does not apply if the profit was derived from real funds deposited by client.


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