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Link – $2300 Prize Tournaments

23 is a number of success…..

Take part in a unique promotion from Binomo. Gifts await those who join the top 100 leaders in trading turnover.

From February 21 to 26, you can take one of the 23 prize-winning positions in the table and get $100 in real money in your account.

How could you spend $100? Buy a bottle of whiskey, beautiful lingerie for your loved one, dinner at a restaurant, or a new gadget.

Or you could invest it in trading on Binomo and make a million.

Anyone can join: just click on “Participate”.

Winning is easy. Trade on your real account as you usually do: to get the gift you don’t necessarily need to aspire for the top of the table.

Prize places:

1 19 65
2 23 71
3 29 77
5 35 83
7 41 89
9 47 95
11 53 99
15 59

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